Nice – Nicely designed and good quality automatic equipment. As one of the leading International home automation producers, Nice is offering a wide variety in gates and garage automation systems.

Swing gate.

When choosing the automatics for a swing gate the functional aspect is primary but you can’t forget the general parameters which can affect the purpose of using the technology. Those are the size of the gate’s opening, maximum angle of the opening and the intensity of use.


Here you can find automatic equipment that fits to large stone posts or up to 100mm metal posts which can be used as a wicket as well.


Ensemble will be put together by the clients order and it usually consists of transmission, control centre, 2 remotes and photocells. It is possible to add a GSM device etc.


I am also installing automatics around South-Estonia. When ordering a hammered gate it is possible to install it all around Estonia and in adjoining countries.



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